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Clients come to us with the germ of an idea. Or twelve. Or sometimes they simply need  us to pull together a project already in the pipeline that’s gotten a tad unwieldy. But no matter what stage a production is in, transforming ideas into effective, creative messages is what we’re all about.

We help our clients express themselves clearly and creatively, by  clarifying what they want to say, identifying their audience and creating compelling presentations in the form of films, websites and a host of other media and print projects.

NutGraf Productions offers research, consulting, scripting and story development and production services. We specialize in making complex topics accessible and ethereal subjects engaging.

Everything you need. In a nutshell.


the essence of story

nut graf, nut 'graph, nutgraph, nutgraf

Short for “nutshell paragraph,”  nutgraf is a term used in journalism to describe the central thesis, the essence, of any story. 

Watch a sample of one of our book trailers.

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